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All the news about natural phenomena and about prevention thanks to technology.

May 2021

Nivologists, important people to understand climate change in the mountains.

February 2021

The drought, growing phenomenon that affects Europe. Arantec responds thanks to its efficiency.

November 2020

How are natural spaces managed? Arantec proposes solutions that preserve nature.

August 2020

From snow stations to fire stations. A brief summary of Arantec's projects.

May 2020

Presenting our company is essential. We protect you anywhere with technology.

December 2019

We even protect you from avalanches with precise snowfall monitoring.

September 2019

Fires increasingly dangerous and floods increasingly intense. Is this our new everyday life?

March 2019

Monitoring snow levels and preventing avalanches is what we do at Arantec. #SmartySnow

September 2018

Even in France, Arantec performs maintenance on its facilities. Returning near the Pic de l'Aneto.

June 2018

Wind-Up, a partner of Arantec in Portugal, installs 9 fog or visibility control stations.

February 2018

Participation in the workshop of the Smart Mature Resilience project by invitation of Juan Antonio Benítez.

November 2017

Installation of a traction sensor on a snow anti-sliding device at the Col de Peyresourde.

August 2017

Arantec is always connected to its stations to provide real-time environmental data.

April 2021

An unprecedented tragic Sunday in Girsa (India), the city devastated by the river.

January 2021

¿What are the sources of lightning and flash floods and how do you protect yourself from them?

October 2020

Clean air, an essential condition for a healthy place. Arantec addresses the issue of air renewal.

July 2020

Feedback on the management and supply solution for drinking water in Les, Val d'Aran.

April 2020

We're not going to reinvent the wheel. Existing solutions are a source of inspiration.

November 2019

All the environmental information you desire can be provided through stations.

August 2019

What are we breathing? Heat, fires, and pollution degrade air quality.

January 2019

Arantec wins a public tender and installs 12 meteorological observation stations.

August 2018

To prevent a shortage of drinking water, the municipality of Les installs two water mains in its pipelines.

April 2018

Arantec installs a nivometeorological station at the Aguayo de Viesgo power plant. #SmartyMeteo

January 2018

Arantec is designated to install a complete meteorological station in Puente Genil.

October 2017

Arantec's participation in the Pyrenean Symposium on Snow and Avalanches in Ordina.

July 2017

Maintenance work on the station installed in the Besandino River in Otero de Guardo. #SmartyRiver

March 2021

Red snow, dry land, sand on the cars and dust in the air. How does the sand of the Sahara affect us?

September 2020

The weather service predicts storms. Nowcasting, an innovation that saves lives.

December 2020

The meteorological service predicts storms. Immediate prediction, an innovation that saves lives.

June 2020

From installation to maintenance, Arantec is on all fronts. Returning to El Portalet.

March 2020

The Sío River overflows due to Storm Gloria, and the stations notify us in real time.

October 2019

The glaciers of Mont-Blanc threaten to collapse, technology takes the lead.

July 2019

Air quality is deteriorating, and we must monitor it to prevent it from exceeding a certain level.

November 2018

Arantec presents its new innovation at the Meteorological Technology World Expo 2018.

July 2018

Arantec participates in the sixth "Meeting of the ANYWHERE" project, bringing together all stakeholders.

March 2018

Annual maintenance of the Ondara stations and the Viesgo power plant. #SmartyPlanet

December 2017

Data exchange between the Conselh Generau d'Aran and the Ebro River Basin Authority.

September 2017

Installation of a meteorological station at the Aguayo reversible power plant for Viesgo company.

June 2017

Arantec strengthens its international position by establishing itself in Malta through a partner.

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