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The spearhead of Smarty solutions for visualization, understanding and control of data recorded in real time.

The web application is specifically designed to visualize, manage and share wireless sensor data in a simple and intuitive way. It has multiple features that provide easy and uncomplicated navigation, without losing reliability and accuracy. It allows remote access, data visualization, access to map modules, reports and alerts.

The Web Platform

Visualize and manage the data recorded by the sensors:

The web application is updated periodically, in order to incorporate new technologies that help its operation:

Social Networks: Share data, notices and reports through the social networks Facebook and Twitter. Your contacts will be able to keep up to date with all the changes and news.

Internet Of Things: SmartyPlanet is based on IoT (Internet of Things), for this we use Web Services that allow access and exchange of information from sensors.

News Blog: Learn about new prototypes, improvements in our platform and many other news that keep SmartyPlanet in constant development.

The Map Module

The map module allows you to quickly view all installed stations, either on GoogleMaps or on a synoptic diagram.

Sensor thresholds are classified into 4 states: Low, Medium, High and Very High. Each of these states has a color associated with it, and the icon representing the station will change color depending on the state.
This will allow you to know the status of each of the parameters in a few seconds. In addition, a new status has been added to indicate that a station is not updating data.

You will be able to see the instantaneous data of the most important sensors of the station, as well as the date of data update. To do this, simply hover the cursor over each sensor station marker.

The Reporting Module

Visualize, understand and act: detailed reports that reveal the pulse of the river!


This module allows the creation of detailed reports, adding comparative graphs between stations and sensors. It is possible to observe how the river behaves depending on the amount of precipitation or the increase in temperature. By studying the behavior of the river, preventive measures can be taken.

In addition, these reports can be edited, customized and downloaded as PDF. These reports can also be configured to auto-send by mail periodically.

The Notifications Module

Empower your decisions with our alerts module: the key to a web platform transformed into a Decision Support System. Create, notify and act! Preventive management thanks to our pre-configured alerts.

The notification module is one of the most important modules, as it is the one that turns the web platform into a Decision Support System. This module allows you to create new alerts that will notify you by email, twitter or sms of the values set for each sensor.

Preventive actions can be carried out thanks to pre-configured warnings.

Data can be consulted from any device with internet connection

To consult the recorded data, we access the Smartyplanet web application. In it, we will consult the values recorded using very visual Smartys

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Arantec Smartyplanet is formed by a group of engineers, programmers and interface designers. We have extensive experience in the field of engineering and we are specialized in wireless sensor networks (WSN) at the service of Smart Cities. We develop and produce our own software and hardware to offer our customers complete and reliable solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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