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Installation of sensors, functions, features, data management, backups, communications, unlimited autonomy…
Do I need technical knowledge to install and configure the sensor stations and the web platform?

No, this new product integrates everything: the hardware, communications, and the web-based visualization, all fully configured to start working in just minutes. It’s a plug-and-play solution that requires no technical knowledge.

Why is it safer to have my data in the cloud rather than on my computer?

SmartyPlanet’s cloud infrastructure is equipped with the most sophisticated security measures to ensure that your sensor data is always available and protected. With our state-of-the-art Data Center, we implement cutting-edge security systems to safeguard your data.

Can it be accessed from any device?

Yes, you only need an internet connection and a modern web browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Explorer, without the need to install any software or plugins. It is compatible with smartphones as well as tablets.

Can the system be used by more than one user?

Yes, you can create as many users with passwords as you want. Each user can configure their own dashboard as well as alarms and notifications. Concurrent access is allowed for all users.

Can the visualization web be customized?

Yes, each user can configure the platform according to their needs or preferences. The branding can be customized by incorporating the client’s corporate image.

Does it have a user manual?

No, the web application has been fully custom-designed to be highly visual and intuitive for all users, eliminating the need for manuals.

Can multiple sensor stations be managed within a single account?

Yes, each account can have multiple sensor stations distributed throughout the territory.

Are new versions of the program included in the price?

Yes, all updates and improvements that are made are automatically published and accessible to all users.

Do I need to subscribe to a data plan with a telecommunication company?

No, the monthly fee for SmartyPlanet includes communications, platform hosting, maintenance, program licenses, and everything you need in a single payment.

Can I use the data collected by the sensors in third-party applications?

Yes, at SmartyPlanet, we believe in sharing and creating value together. That’s why the SmartyPlanet platform provides an API that allows the use of sensor data by third-party applications. Additionally, data can be downloaded in standard formats such as Excel and CSV.

Does it work anywhere?

SmartyPlanet sensor stations are equipped with a state-of-the-art quad-band GPRS modem, allowing them to operate in any country worldwide where GSM network coverage is available.

Does it require electrical power supply?

No, Smarty Snow operates wirelessly and continuously using high-capacity solar energy. It includes a solar panel, high-efficiency charge controller, and lithium-ion batteries.

Does it withstand harsh weather conditions?

Yes, the sensor stations are manufactured with materials that are resistant to the most hostile outdoor conditions. They have been tested in high mountain areas and very low temperatures.

Is there a backup of the data?

Yes, the databases that host the sensor data are redundant, and daily backups are performed to ensure their security.

What happens if the GSM network temporarily goes down?

Smarty Planet sensor stations have internal memory to store up to 40,000 readings. In case of loss of GSM network coverage, the data is stored in the station and sent to the cloud as soon as GSM network coverage is restored.

How often do the sensors take readings?

By default, measurements are taken every 15 minutes (quarter-hourly) and sent to the cloud every hour. These frequencies can be configured based on the needs of our clients.

Can new sensors be incorporated or specific developments be made?

Yes, Smarty Planet is a flexible, modular, and scalable system that can be tailored to the needs of our clients, both in terms of sensors (hardware) and web functionalities (software).

Arantec Engineering
CEEI, Plaça Nava 1
25538 Casau (Val d’Aran) Spain

Arantec Smartyplanet is formed by a group of engineers, programmers and interface designers. We have extensive experience in the field of engineering and we are specialized in wireless sensor networks (WSN) at the service of Smart Cities. We develop and produce our own software and hardware to offer our customers complete and reliable solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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