When the water cycle met technology

…love was born.

We may be getting carried away in the spring. But it seems to us an original way to make clear one of the main goals of the recently approved PERTE for the digitalization of the water cycle. Because in a way, that’s what it’s all about: water management benefiting from monitoring technologies to improve the use of a scarce resource.

And if it is trusting in the solutions that we offer you from Arantec, even better.

PERTEs, a figurehead for transforming the economy

PERTE (Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation) is an instrument created under the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

Their mission is to create public-private partnerships around priority projects capable of boosting the economic growth and competitiveness of Spanish companies. But they also seek to respond to complex issues that require urgent action, such as improving the management of the water cycle.

As of April 2022, there are 9 approved PERTEs:

  • Development of electric and connected vehicles
  • Cutting-edge health
  • Renewable energies, renewable hydrogen and storage
  • Agrifood
  • New economics of language
  • Circular economy
  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Aerospace
  • Digitization of the water cycle

A PERTE to “make visible” the water cycle

The PERTE for the digitization of the water cycle was approved by the Council of Ministers on March 22, 2022.

With public and private investments expected to exceed 3 billion euros, its development is structured around 4 specific objectives:

  • To increase the knowledge available on water uses, so that water management can be improved. This objective will make it possible to close the inefficiencies of the system and fill the information gaps.
  • To increase transparency in the management of this resource, contributing to greater awareness and resilience in society.
  • Comply with the environmental objectives set forth in the hydrological planning and regulatory commitments.
  • Generate qualified employment through innovation and technology.

Connecting Arantec’s solutions with PERTE for the digitization of the water cycle

The PERTE report attached in the previous section outlines the challenges that this instrument is intended to address. Using these challenges as a thread, let’s see what solutions we could propose from Arantec.

Initially, we are going to focus on the potential of three of our products, Smarty River, Smarty Water. However, you know that you only need to put us to the test to bring out our ingenuity and imagination.

Download the file in pdf format

Why do we recommend you to apply monitoring technologies to water cycle management?

I’m sure you’ve heard the maxim that“what can’t be measured, can’t be improved“. There are several versions, but they all convey the same message: when you have the information, in this case the data, you are in a position to improve the management or use of an asset. And when we are talking about a resource as scarce as water, this ability to react takes on a tone of extreme necessity.

Just think about the water consumed for irrigation and agricultural uses, which in 2021 accounted for80% of the estimated water demand of the entire country. What benefit would meters or flowmeters connected to basin organization systems introduce? What would be the advantages of calculating irrigation requirements based on soil moisture data or information? How would hyperlocal weather forecasts increase irrigation efficiency?


Technology has to be an ally. The data provided by sensors and, in short, intelligent monitoring systems, must become one of our most precious treasures to improve water management.

The PERTE for the digitalization of the water cycle represents in this sense a unique opportunity to implement technology-based solutions. An occasion that can help us to see more clearly how we use water and where improvements can be made. Standing by is not an option when we must conserve a scarce resource on which we depend entirely for survival.

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