The innovative SME seal, a recognition of environmental monitoring solutions that meet your needs.

As of the end of December 2022, Arantec will bear the label of innovative SME in wireless sensor solutions.

Our wireless environmental monitoring solutions have been gaining recognition in the industry. And the award of this seal by the Ministry of Science and Innovation is a clear demonstration of our ability to respond to your needs.

But what exactly does this recognition consist of?

What is the innovative SME seal?

As mentioned above, this distinction is granted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and is valid for 3 years, renewable for an identical period.

Its operation is determined by Order ECC/1087/2015, of June 5, which, in addition to establishing the bases for its application, creates and regulates the Registry of Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. In the following image you can see our inscription in this registry.

How did we achieve the Innovative SME seal for our wireless sensor and telemetry solutions?

The application for this recognition by an SME involves demonstrating one of the following requirements:

  • Have received public funding in the last 3 years (and that, obviously, has not been revoked a posteriori).
  • Demonstrate their innovative character through their own activity (a patent, for example).
  • Demonstrate their capacity for innovation through certification (AENOR or UNE standards).

In our case, the award of the innovative SME seal is motivated by our collaboration in the European project collaboration in the European project The HuT .

The Innovative SME label therefore highlights our ability to provide disaster risk reduction knowledge and tools.

What is the benefit for a company to obtain this distinction?

In our case, this seal serves to reinforce our brand and increase our social recognition as an innovative company that has been offering real-time environmental monitoring solutions for years.

But obtaining them also entails tax advantages. These take the form of reductions in social security contributions for research personnel on the company’s payroll and corporate income tax deductions.

Arantec, the forging of a leading SME in telemetry and wireless sensor solutions for environmental monitoring

At Arantec we pride ourselves on being a leading SME in wireless sensor solutions for environmental monitoring.

In this sense, our size has not prevented us from making innovation one of our hallmarks.

Our technology allows us to measure and monitor environmental variables in real time, even in hostile environments such as high mountains or remote areas.

In this way, we provide valuable information and data that help to better manage natural resources or contribute to minimizing the consequences of natural hazards.

The beginnings of the adventure that has been recognized with the seal of innovative SME in wireless sensor and telemetry solutions.

As change management and innovation expert Sukant Ratnakar says,“innovation is the result of a habit, not a random act“. And this is one of the maxims we have been applying since we started this adventure back in 2006.

Since that moment when Enrique Vidal and Eisharc Jaquet, current CTO and CEO of Arantec, founded the company, we have been positioning ourselves as an SME with wireless sensor solutions for high precision environmental monitoring.

The result to date

  • presence in more than 10 countries, with more than 400 monitoring stations around the world, and
  • more than 200 public and private clients who have responded to their problems thanks to our services and products.

In short, the innovative SME seal is a milestone for our company.

It is a reward for our ability and consistency in delivering high quality, customizable telemetry and wireless sensor solutions.

The future, conditioned by unpredictable weather and a climate crisis with consequences yet to be discovered, will demand that we use the best of our abilities.

And at Arantec we are ready to answer any questions you may have and help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

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