Supply and installation of a Smarty River for the electric company Ende Corani in Bolivia

Electric Company Corani S.A. ( operates two hydroelectric power plants – Corani and Santa Isabel – located in the Chapare Province of the Cochabamba Department, 78 and 84 km from the city of Cochabamba, respectively. It also operates an artificial lake (Lake Corani) and a network of water intakes consisting of rivers, canals, and tunnels.

The company is dedicated to the generation and sale of electric power in accordance with the Electricity Law and applicable legal regulations, serving the energy market needs in Bolivia. It was established in July 1995 through the capitalization of Empresa Nacional de Electricidad S.A. As of May 1, 2010, 97.88% of the shares of Empresa Eléctrica Corani S.A. are represented by Empresa Nacional de Electricidad – ENDE, and the remaining 2.12% is held by private shareholders and former ENDE employees.

Currently, basic studies in topography, geology-geotechnics, hydrological data collection, and the preparation of tender documents for the Feasibility Study are being carried out.

Within the process of collecting hydrological and hydraulic data, Ende Corani has relied on Consulmet S.R.L Instruments (, a partner of Arantec Engineering in Bolivia, for the supply and installation of a Smarty River ( in the Juntas Corani River. This instrument will provide real-time stream level data, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of future flow rates and the subsequent selection of the optimal turbines to be installed and operated at the hydroelectric power plant.

Below are some images of the installed equipment.

The installation and commissioning by Consulmet have been challenging due to the measurement point being located in an inaccessible area for vehicles. It required more than 2 hours of transportation on foot to carry the support structure and measuring equipment. This task was made possible thanks to the compact size (20 x 40 cm) and light weight (less than 5 kg) of the Smarty River, specifically designed for remote areas like this.

With this installation, Arantec expands its international presence to Bolivia and further enhances its installation of equipment for flow measurement in the hydroelectric sector.

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