Smarty River Sistema de Alerta Temprana del riesgo de inundaciones

Smarty River: Early Warning System for flood and hydrological monitoring

What is Smarty River

Smarty River is a complete application that record, visualize, manage alarms and share collected data about monitoring and the state of rivers and reservoirs.

These data are collected by sensor stations and sent to the application web.

Smarty River is a self-contained sensing solution specially designed as a Decision Support System in case of flood risk and overflow in towns, campsites, river walks, urbanizations, etc.

This technology reduces the costs of large infrastructures of the Hydrological Information Systems or capacity in ditches, reservoirs, pipes, channels, drains…

smarty river smartphone

Plug and Play installation

Without complicated infrastructures

Best cost-benefit relation

Multiple sensors

Wireless communications

Unlimited autonomy


Sensor network

Web page visualization

Low maintenance

Easy visualization

Every controlled parameter by the stations can be viewed from the web platform

Smarty River pluviometría

It allows knowing the current rainfall and acumulated precipitation. These are significant values to know the increase of the flow of rivers.

Smarty River caudal de agua

River’s flood
Know which is the river’s flow and its tendency. High flow and upward trend may indicate flood risk.

Smarty River temperatura

With the thaw, it is important to know the temperature and its tendency. High values can indicate a more pronnounced thaw and an increase of the river’s flow.

How does Smarty River work

Find out Smarty River’s operating system

como funciona Smarty River
como funciona Smarty River

Smarty River’s benefits

  • Knowledge of current and reliable data on the level of flood risk in the territory.
  • Safe control in emergency situations through immediate alerts and warnings.
  • Easy access to the state of the river channel from any fixed or mobile device connected to the internet.
  • Easy development and management of statistics and historical data.
  • Installation and configuration of the sensor network and the web platform in an easy and fast way.
  • Remote control of the evolution of the channels, sources and ditches.
Smarty River foto 01

Floods have been and will be one of the most devastating and unavoidable natural catastrophes. The main cause of increased flooding is climate change. Climate change has led to an increase in rainfall, which is a determining factor in the floods.

Smarty River foto 01

At this point, the most important things before this situation are the previous actions and their early detection. Having the foresight that a river can overflow with sufficient time in advance can activate emergency plans, evacuations and many other actions in order to avoid major evils.

Success cases

Early Warning System for flood risk in the Garona river (Val d’Aran – Lleida)

smartyriver caudal grafico

A network of SmartyRiver Stations in the Garonne River is installed in 2013 that measures the level of the water sheet as well as other hydrological parameters by ultrasound or radar. Stations monitor the risk of channel overflow in real time remotely and without power supply. Public access to the sensor display platform:


Early Warning System for flood risk for Pyrenees Counties (Risqhydro Project)

smartyriver caudal grafico

Supply, installation and start-up of a system of 32 stations for alerts in the headwaters of the watersheds of Alta Ribagorça, Alt Urgell, Pallars Jussà, Pallars Sobirà and the territory of the Val d’Aran and Communauté de comunes du Canton de Saint Beat (France).


Installation of Hydrological Stations for the Duero Hydrographic Confederation (Burgos y Palencia)

smartyriver caudal grafico

Supply, installation and start-up of compact integrated hydrological stations in the garaging stations of Barbadillo del Pez (Burgos) and Otero de Guardo (Palencia).


Installation of telecontrol system in the reservoirs of Santa Lucia and Peraleda de San Román (Cáceres)

smartyriver caudal grafico

Installation of SmartyRiver stations in reservoirs for reading and sending data to the Merida Control Center using equipment with autonomous power and communications via GPRS.


Supply and installation of a Sió River Early Warning System through Smarty River (Lleida)

smartyriver caudal grafico

Installation of a system of measurement and early warning to try to avoid repeating the effects of the avenue of 2015, installing several sensors in strategic points of the River Sió that allow the population to know in real time the risk of a possible flood or “Rovinada”.


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Smartyplanet is a group of engineers, programmers and interface designers. We have extensive experience in the field of engineering and we are specialized in wireless sensor networks (WSN) serving the Smart Cities. We develop and produce our own software and hardware to offer our customers complete and reliable solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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