Smarty Water: Detection station for the control and monitoring of water quantity and quality

What is Smarty Water?

Smarty Water is a complete solution that allows, in a simple and real-time way, to know the quantity and quality of water without costly displacements.

With Smarty Water, you can record, display, manage and generate alarms in the web application, using flowmeters or meters, controlling the flows circulating on the supply and sanitation networks. In addition, you can perform online telemetry of water or heating meters, and make bills directly, providing added value in the urban water supply service.

Smarty Water also allows continuous and unattended monitoring of water quality parameters, such as temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, ammonium, nitrates, etc. A water quality analysis system ready to be used in the field with an advanced technological solution.

Parameters controlled with Smarty Water

Plug and play installation

No complicated infrastructure

Best cost-benefit ratio

Multiple sensors

Wireless communication

Unlimited autonomy


Sensor networks

Web visualization

Super-reduced maintenance

Visually easy

All parameters controlled by the stations are visible from the web platform

Deposition level

Water consumption and heating

Water quality


How does Smarty Water work?

Discover how Smarty Water works

Benefits of Smarty Water

Smarty Water allows you to easily and intuitively view, manage and share sensor data. To do this, we have designed a Cloud environment, accessible from any device with an Internet connection.

Communication of meters by radio, without complex or expensive infrastructures and without wiring of installations. This provides optimal cost-effectiveness.

Smarty Water is a very simple modular system for intelligent control of water and heating consumption, which can be adapted to your needs and integrates different meters. Based on cloud technology, there are no software development costs and adapts to all types of meter models.

Use case

Remote monitoring of apartment block heating telecontators

Calorie counters measuring heating consumption are installed in each apartment. These are connected to the Internet via our remote station located in the boiler room. A gas-oil consumption meter, water temperature sensors of the ACS circuit and the heating and ambient temperature of the boiler room and the outside are also installed.

Remote system with generation flow sensor of the Madrid SL hydropower plant

A hydrostatic pressure sensor is installed in the upper part of the channel to measure the height of the water. The data is collected by a SmartyWater station that sends it via GPRS to the data processing center and from there is provided on the customer’s custom site. The installation is done without affecting the normal operation of the plant.

Remote sensing and remote control of the urban water reservoir network of the municipality of Gavet de la Conca

Supply, installation and commissioning of level sensors for level control of the reservoirs of Gavet, Sant Serní and Aransís, as well as flowmeters for flow control pumped from the wells of Fontsagrada and Coma Aransís

Entry level and flow control station in the Guarial de la Asada Paquera reservoir (Costa Rica)

Supply and installation of a tank level sensor and a non-invasive flowmeter for the control and management of water resources in the Guarial de la Asada Paquera reservoir in Punta Arenas (Costa Rica)

Smarty Water Products

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Arantec Smartyplanet is formed by a group of engineers, programmers and interface designers. We have extensive experience in the field of engineering and we are specialized in wireless sensor networks (WSN) at the service of Smart Cities. We develop and produce our own software and hardware to offer our customers complete and reliable solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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