Puente Genil installs a complete Smarty Planet weather station

Puente Genil instala una estación meteorológica completa Smarty Planet

Arantec Engineering has been chosen by the municipality of Puente Genil to install a complete Smarty Planet weather station with an integrated camera on the right bank of the Genil River in the Guadalquivir River Basin.

The project was recently presented by Francisco Morales, Councilor for Citizen Security and Civil Protection, who described the installation as “pioneering” as it will allow for the measurement of the flow of the Genil River and the prevention of future floods in the town of Puente Genil. Francisco Morales was accompanied by Rafael Gálvez, Coordinator of the Civil Protection Area of Puente Genil, and Mario Losáñez, Director of Business Development at Arantec Engineering.

The installation, which has been operational since last December, is part of the SmartCity Puente Genil project and features a radar level sensor, a complete weather station, GSM communication module, robotic camera, and software for recording and storing data about the Genil River. It is installed in the lower area of the urban center, and it will allow citizens to track the river’s flow in real time through the website of the local Civil Protection service using an Early Warning System (EWS) for floods and hydrological monitoring.

The weather station measures wind, water level, and temperature parameters, and it is fully autonomous as it is powered by solar panels.

Smarty River: Early Warning System (EWS) for floods and hydrological monitoring

Smarty River is a comprehensive application by Arantec Engineering that allows for easy and real-time registration, visualization, management of alarms, and data sharing regarding the monitoring and status of rivers and reservoirs.

These data are collected by Sensor Stations and sent to the web application.

Smarty River is a self-sufficient sensor solution specifically designed as a Decision Support System (DSS) in the event of flood risk and overflow in towns, campsites, river promenades, residential areas, etc.

This technology reduces the costs of large-scale infrastructure for Hydrological Information Alert Systems (HIA), or flow measurement in irrigation channels, reservoirs, pipelines, canals, and drains.

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