Pilot test of “Smarty Flow” with EMAYA in Palma de Mallorca.

EMAYA, Municipal Water and Sewage Company, S.A., is a company owned by the City Council of Palma de Mallorca, which holds 100% of its share capital. The company is responsible for managing all aspects of the integrated water cycle in the municipality, including water abstraction, purification, and supply of drinking water, as well as the maintenance of sewerage, sanitation, and wastewater treatment facilities. EMAYA is also responsible for granting and establishing connections to the water supply network.

One of the tasks performed by EMAYA is the control of flow rates in both the supply and sanitation networks, including pipes under pressure as well as channels and collectors where water flows in free surface conditions.

For flow measurement in pressurized pipes, EMAYA utilizes numerous flow meters distributed throughout the network, enabling them to monitor the flow rates. Meanwhile, for measurement in channels and collectors, EMAYA employs level probes that, based on the water level and flow curves, can estimate the water flow in these areas.

However, as part of their continuous improvement process, EMAYA has taken a step forward by collaborating with Arantec Engineering in conducting a pilot test using equipment capable of measuring water level and surface velocity to obtain more accurate and real-time flow values.

For this purpose, Arantec has supplied the so-called “Smarty Flow,” which consists of a Doppler radar that measures water level and velocity, and thus, flow rate without direct contact with the water. This type of equipment has allowed for a quick and simple installation and requires minimal maintenance.

“Smarty Flow” is a system that can be adapted for measuring free surface water intakes from natural sources, as in this case, as well as for supply and sanitation collectors.

With this installation, Arantec strengthens its expertise in monitoring free surface water intakes, while also positioning itself for measuring in canals and sanitation pipelines, aiming to provide a solution to municipalities and provincial councils for compliance with RD 1290/2012 on the control of overflows in sanitation networks. The third transitional provision, paragraph 2, of this regulation states the following:

“The holders of valid discharge permits and those in process at the time of entry into force of this royal decree, as well as those requested until December 31, 2015, must equip the overflow points with quantification systems for overflows within a period of 4 years from the entry into force of this royal decree.”

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