Kit Digital, a financial aid plan to help you digitize your business (updated to Order ETD/734/2022)

The digitalization of SMEs and the self-employed is one of the pending issues of the Spanish productive fabric.

And this issue, in today’s globalized world, sometimes translates into a loss of competitiveness and a drag on the efficiency of the daily work of professionals and small businesses, two groups that represent more than 90% of the country’s business activity.

So, taking advantage of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, the Digital Spain 2025 agenda and the SME Digitalization Plan 2021-2025, the Spanish government has decided to accelerate the digital transformation of SMEs and the self-employed with the launch of the Digital Kit.

The best part? That Arantec is a digitizing agent accredited by In other words, in addition to answering your questions about this tool, we provide you with different digital solutions and take care of the processing of grants.

What is the Digital Kit

The Digital Kit is, above all, a unique opportunity for SMEs and freelancers to start or advance in the digitization of their businesses. The regulatory bases are established in Order ETD/1498/2021, of December 29, as subsequently modified by Order ETD/734/2022, of July 26.

One of its backbones is the so-called“digital bonus“. This instrument allows access to financial aid of up to 12,000€ (depending on the size of the company) with which to develop digital solutions included in the following categories (the last two have been added with the modification of the Order of July 2022).

  • Website and internet presence
  • E-commerce
  • Social media management
  • Customer management
  • Business intelligence
  • Process management
  • Electronic Invoice
  • Virtual office services and tools
  • Secure communications
  • Cybersecurity
  • Advanced internet presence
  • Marketplace

Who can apply for this digital voucher? All interested parties who meet the following requirements.

  • Be a small business, microenterprise or self-employed. Order ETD/734/2022 also incorporates as possible beneficiaries civil societies with a commercial purpose, professional civil societies and jointly owned farms.
  • Comply with the financial and effective limits that define the categories of companies.
  • Be registered and have the minimum seniority required.
  • Not to be considered as a company in crisis.
  • Be up to date with tax obligations and Social Security payments.
  • Not to have exceeded the aid limit established by the SME Digitalization Plan 2021-2025.
  • Not to have incurred in any of the prohibitions established in Article 13.2 of the General Law on Subsidies 38/2003.

The amount of aid, as mentioned above, takes into account the size of the company, with the following categories being differentiated:

  • First segment (I), between 10 and 49 employees, is eligible for a maximum of €12,000.
  • Second segment (II), between 3 and 9 employees, is eligible for a maximum of €6,000.
  • Third segment (III), between 0 and 2 employees, is eligible for a maximum of €2,000.

How Arantec can help you

Arantec offers assistance and solutions for the digitalization of SMEs and freelancers in the following categories (the new Order increases the amount of aid for the categories corresponding to process management and electronic invoicing):

  • Website and internet presence: we help to create customized websites that open the door, for example, to international sales. We also take care of optimizing them, so that potential customers can find them when they browse the Internet and we manage everything related to hosting (the server where the website is stored), email or domain. Order ETD/734/2022 expressly states that the registration of a new domain, when it is not available, shall be made with a minimum term of 12 months. This Order also incorporates the multilingual functionality of the website.
  • Customer management: we provide SMEs and freelancers with tools to store and consult customer data, manage opportunities or monitor commercial activity.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics: we collaborate so that professionals and businesses get the maximum benefit from the data generated by their productive activity, offering the ability to use this information in decision making.
  • Process management: we assist in the digitalization and/or automation of processes such as accounting, invoicing, inventories, etc.
  • Electronic invoicing: as part of the digitization process of SMEs and self-employed, we provide these groups with tools that enable them to issue structured invoices in accordance with current legislation, also helping their integration with other solutions.

Steps to apply for the digital voucher and contract our solutions

The digitalization plan for SMEs and the self-employed requires applicants to comply with a series of requirements detailed below.

  • To order the digital voucher
    • Registration in Acelera pyme and completion of the self-diagnosis test to determine the level of digitization of the company or professional.
    • Consultation of the catalog of digital solutions and selection of those that adapt to the needs of the business (several services can be contracted).
    • Application for assistance by filling out the form
  • To enjoy the digital bonus
    • Selection of the digitizing agent that will develop the digital solutions (i.e. Arantec). With the new Order, the digitalizing agents have a maximum of three months to install and/or develop the solution and issue the invoice after the client’s approval.
    • Contact with the agent and… digital transformation!

Do you want to know more about the Digital Kit?

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