Installation of a Snow-Meteorological Station and a Web-Cam in Panticosa

Instalación de una Estación Nivo-Meteorológica y una Web-Cam en Panticosa

The Government of Aragón, through the Department of Territorial Structuring, Mobility and Housing, is responsible for the conservation and maintenance of the roads in the Autonomous Community of Aragón. It is also responsible for informing the population about the condition of the roads and ensuring mobility and traffic flow.

The location of certain roads makes them particularly sensitive to adverse weather phenomena or changes such as rain and snow.

Among these roads, those located near the Pyrenees of Huesca are of special interest to the Government of Aragón, precisely due to their location.

One of these roads is the A-2606 road that provides access to the Panticosa spa from the town and the ski resort. Historically, this road is temporarily closed due to intense snowfall or minor snow slides from the slopes.

Due to these circumstances, the Government of Aragón has decided to trust ARANTEC to install a nivo-meteorological station and a remote web camera with the aim of monitoring adverse weather phenomena in advance to prevent possible road closures and accidents, as well as optimizing the maintenance of the A-2606 road.

The installed automatic nivo-meteorological station is located on the right side of the road as you drive from the spa to the ski resort, and it allows measuring the following variables:

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Ambient temperature and relative humidity
  • Rainfall
  • Solar radiation
  • Snow depth and quantity

Similarly, a remote web camera has been installed on the left side of the road as you drive from the spa to the ski resort, right in front of the previous one, providing a view of the mountain and the road. The purpose is to have a system for monitoring and surveillance of potential avalanches.

The Dome-type camera, in addition to having remote access and a 360º field of view, captures a frame every 30 minutes, obtaining 2-megapixel images with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

For the installation of both devices, the material was transported by helicopter to the locations situated at an altitude of 2,000 m, and the specialized mountaineering team from Arantec ascended on foot to the sites, carrying out the necessary chemical anchorings of the towers and equipment placement on-site.

Once both the snow-meteorological station and the web-cam are installed, which are powered by photovoltaic panels and communicate data through GSM-4G, the Government of Aragon has been provided with access to the Smarty Planet platform, from where they can remotely monitor all the aforementioned parameters provided by the two devices.

Furthermore, this will allow the Government of Aragon to establish corresponding thresholds for each parameter and notification mechanisms to optimize road management.

The platform also provides personalized reports that enable the administration to establish an action plan with the resulting economic savings.

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