Arantec will install 12 stations for the oceanometeorological observation network of the Xunta de Galicia.

Arantec Engineering has won the public tender of the Ministry of Environment, Territorial Planning, and Infrastructure of the Galician Government to supply, configure, and install 12 meteorological and oceanographic observation stations for Meteogalicia.

Arantec Engineering has been selected by the Government of the Xunta de Galicia, through the Ministry of Environment, Territorial Planning, and Infrastructure, to install 12 new oceanometeorological observation stations for Meteogalicia.

MeteoGalicia, also known as the Galician Meteorological Observation and Prediction Unit, was established in 2000 through an agreement between the University of Santiago de Compostela and the Xunta de Galicia. Its main objectives are to provide meteorological forecasting for Galicia and to operate and maintain the meteorological and climatological observation network of the Xunta de Galicia.

The meteorological and oceanographic observation network of Meteogalicia consists of a set of surface weather stations, a network of oceanographic and meteorological buoys located in reservoirs and along the Galician coast, a lightning detection system, a weather radar, and a data receiver for METEOSAT.

This dense network enables the forecasting of weather phenomena and provides a comprehensive monitoring of atmospheric and oceanographic variables. The observation network is complemented by predictive models that forecast atmospheric and oceanographic behavior several days in advance. The acquisition of equipment to expand the coverage of the network aims to improve the environmental observation networks in Galicia and update the measurement equipment, incorporating scientific and technical advancements in instrumentation and measurement methodology. This will allow these networks to have more and better information about Galician ecosystems and their vulnerability.

The 6-month implementation period for the installation of Smartyplanet solutions by Arantec will allow for the deployment of 12 scientific-grade oceanographic and meteorological stations to measure various parameters such as wind direction and speed, ambient temperature and humidity, and soil temperature. These stations will also include a pyranometer for solar radiation measurement and a rain gauge. They will be powered by solar energy, have 4G communications, and be equipped with a weather shelter.

To carry out the implementation of the 12 meteorological and oceanographic observation stations, a weather garden with integrated fencing is installed, designed to withstand harsh marine corrosion conditions. The stations will feature a foldable stainless steel mast with Meteogalicia’s own design. Through these oceanographic and meteorological stations, Meteogalicia will integrate the data with its existing server network.

Arantec, with its multidisciplinary team, manufactures and installs complete systems for the hydro-meteorological sector, Smart Cities, geological hazards, and the environment. The scientific-grade SmartyMeteo weather stations with highly precise sensors measure parameters such as ambient temperature and humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, etc. The stations are equipped with communication via GSM, radio, fiber optic, or satellite to send the data to the internet, and they can be easily accessed through a web-based visualization platform. It is worth noting that satellite communication ensures a data availability of 99.8% of the time in areas where GSM mobile communication is not available or when the importance of the information requires reliable communication.

In this way, the weather stations enable the collection of current and reliable climate data for the territory, secure control in emergency situations through immediate alerts and notifications, easy access to climate variables from any internet-connected fixed or mobile device, easy generation and management of statistics and historical data, installation and configuration of the sensor network and web platform in a fast and user-friendly manner, and remote monitoring of temperature, rainfall, wind, humidity, and thermal sensation.

With this project, Arantec continues its expansion by installing oceanographic and meteorological observation equipment in collaboration with Meteogalicia and the Government of the Xunta de Galicia.

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