Arantec participates in the Meteorological Technology World Expo 2017

Arantec attended the seventh edition of the Meteorological Technology World Expo, which took place in Amsterdam on October 10th, 11th, and 12th, 2017. This expo is considered the world’s most important fair and exhibition for meteorological solutions, showcasing cutting-edge technologies in the industry.

Following the success of last year’s edition in Madrid, this year’s Meteorological Technology World Expo was equally successful, with over 250 exhibitors, including major companies such as OTT Hydromet, Campbell Scientific, Vaisala, Kipp-Zonen, Gill Instruments, and Baron, among others, in addition to Smarty Planet.

This event provided our company with the opportunity to meet with our regular meteorological equipment suppliers, as well as potential customers and new partners, strengthening relationships within the industry and promoting Smarty solutions worldwide.

Within the range of Smarty Planet solutions, Arantec showcased the following at our booth 9100:

Smarty Meteo and Smarty Snow: Heavy-duty and tipping bucket rain gauges, snow height and depth sensors, etc.

Smarty River: Level and flow measurement solution for rivers, along with video surveillance cameras.

Smarty Road: Visibility control systems for foggy conditions, as well as road condition monitoring systems.

Smarty Software: The software that integrates all the solutions and displays data from various stations in an easy-to-use and intuitive manner, ensuring consistency in data and communications.


Among the products included in these solutions, two have stood out above the rest: the flow measurement sensor (Smarty Flow) and the compact station SPM-315, which is specifically designed for remote areas and has small dimensions. Attached below are the images of these products.

With these solutions and the presence of the CEO, Technical Director, and Business Development Director at the Meteorological Technology World Expo in Amsterdam, Arantec strengthens its international expansion and solidifies the growth it has been experiencing with greater intensity in the past two years. The company is already present in America and Europe and is actively seeking new partnerships in the Asian and African markets.

Activity subsidized by the Economic Promotion Board of the Diputació de Lleida within the line of subsidies for companies to participate in international fairs and exhibitions, year 2018.

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