Arantec expands its international presence with a Meteorological Station in Malta

Arantec Engineering, through its collaborating company AIS Technology Ltd., strengthens its international presence by supplying and installing a Weather Station in Malta

The Energy and Water Agency ( through the European Union and the EEA and Norway Grants program, Ais Technology and Arantec are commissioned to provide equipment for a station to measure hydroclimatic parameters at the Water Awareness Conservation Centre in Nigret, Rabat (Malta). The objective is to explain to students and learners the importance of climate factors for water resource management and conservation.

This highlights Arantec’s commitment to raising awareness and educating the population, starting from educational centers, about respecting the environment and the importance of water for life and the planet’s biodiversity.

This initiative is manifested through the dissemination and understanding of the following parameters and the installed equipment:

  • Rainfall through a surface rain gauge with a water collection area of 500 cm2.
  • Temperature ranging from -10 to 50°C and Relative Humidity up to 100%, measured by a combined sensor.
  • Solar radiation from 300nm to 80 µm, measured by a radiometer that captures both incident sunlight and reflected radiation on the ground.
  • Wind speed measured by a sensor with a range of up to 50 m/s and wind direction covering 360 degrees.
  • Barometric pressure from sea level up to 300 m altitude, measured by a barometer located in the datalogger enclosure.
  • Evaporation measured by an evaporimeter with a diameter of 1,200 mm and a height of 250 mm, accompanied by a level probe and bird protection screen.

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