Arantec Engineering strengthens its collaboration with the South Korean company JSLidar, along with KMI and KMA

Arantec Engineering afianza su colaboración con la empresa surcoreana JSLidar junto KMI y KMA
At the beginning of October, a delegation from the South Korean technology company JSLidar, a partner of Arantec Engineering since early 2018, along with the public institutions Korea Meteorological Institute (KMI) and Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA), visited Arantec’s facilities located in Val d’Aran.

This visit is part of the collaborative efforts between the two engineering companies, which began in 2018, to develop an improved climate sensor that integrates the functions of fog visibility sensors, as well as rain and snow detection, incorporating technological components from both brands. During this meeting, field results of the integrated equipment and products were analyzed.

JSLidar is the only Korean company specialized in light source technologies and high-potential Lidar sensors to enhance reliability and optimize measurement performance. JSLidar has developed a high-end fog and visibility sensor based on laser technology, which is used in airports, road management agencies, and meteorological agencies to prevent accidents caused by poor visibility.

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Arantec Engineering, based in Val d’Aran, is a specialized engineering company that provides cloud-based solutions for measuring and controlling environmental phenomena. They are responsible for designing, developing, and producing their own software and hardware to offer customers complete and reliable solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Accompanied by JSLidar, a delegation from the South Korean institutions Korea Meteorological Institute (KMI) and Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) visited Val d’Aran. Both institutions work closely with JSLidar to expand their technology beyond the Asian continent. These administrations work to support and efficiently foster the promotion and development of the meteorological industry in Korea, contributing to the industry and economic development of their country, as well as research and development of meteorological technology and international cooperation through the exchange of meteorological experiences.

During the three-day visit to Arantec’s headquarters, these delegations have visited and firsthand knowledge of the Smarty Planet sensor stations, monitoring and remote control solutions specifically designed for watercourses, flows, and rivers (Smarty River), snow monitoring (Smarty Snow), water quantity and quality (Smarty Water), weather stations (Smarty Meteo), forest fire control (Smarty Forest), acoustic and environmental quality (Smarty Sound), and air quality (Smarty Air).

This meeting took place in the days leading up to the 8th edition of the Meteorological World Expo in Amsterdam, considered by all as the most important fair and exhibition of meteorological solutions in the world, where cutting-edge technologies in the industry are showcased. Both Arantec Engineering and JSLidar have once again participated and showcased their products. It is worth noting that the initial contacts between the two companies took place during the 2017 edition of this event.

Finally, it should be noted that in this year’s edition, Arantec presented the visitors of Meteorological with the new solution “Smarty Flow,” which consists of a Doppler radar that measures water level, velocity, and consequently flow without contact with the water, allowing for more accurate and real-time flow values. With this solution, Arantec strengthens its position in flow control for surface water intakes, while also positioning itself for measurement in channels and wastewater pipes.

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